Hello, this is a quick tutorial that summarizes and expands upon a method for extracting and visualizing contours from Google Earth and overlaying them back on top of Google Earth. It is also completely free. Remember, do not use these maps for anything serious, they are strictly for giving a rough very idea of topography.

7 thoughts on “Contours and Elevations from Google Earth”

  1. Thank you Georgi,
    I appreciate the presentations. As we move to more detailed and authenticated designs, I have only been working in AI with help from ArcMap, its great to bring new insight to training and our design process. It would be good to meet and talk with you someday. Perhaps at one of the IPC or international events. I will look for more of your excellent videos.

  2. Hi. wonderful explanation – thank you!
    I am having dificulties to download the TCX converter in my mac cause it says it is from an “unidentified developer” – do you know how to solve this?

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