I have extensive experience designing to detail farm water infrastructure systems in various climatic, geographic, hydrologic and economic contexts. Between 2016-2018 I have completed well over 80 farm water storage and infrastructure projects throughout the world. I prepare all of my construction documentation in compliance with the regulatory and drafting standards that govern the given locality, so that engineering reviews and any funding approvals are swift and fairly uncomplicated.


  • Earthen Farm Dams & Water Storage

  • Gravity and Pressure Pipe Networks

Irrigation design is an incredibly complex science and beyond doubt the most challenging facet in farm planning. Few are the people that possess the capacity to devise to precision a well optimized stock or crop irrigation network and I am proud to be among them. 

  • Enclosed and Open Channels

  • Terraces



  • Low Volume Road Networks
  • Gradient Catchment Roads
  • Parking
  • Optimized Headlands


Together with my friend and colleague Darren J. Doherty, I have been designing streamlined agricultural layouts since late 2012. Proud to say that together we have more experience doing that than any other individual on the planet.  Rooted firmly into the fundamental principles of ecological production landscapes, and utilizing state of the art technologies, we have perfected the methodology of designing and implementing multi-functional, optimized layouts.


  • Agroforestry Layouts
  • Cultivation Layouts