• Grading
    • Earthen Farm Dams
    • Low-Volume Road Networks
    • Gradient Catchment Roads
    • Channels
    • Terraces
  • Irrigation
    • Gravity Pipe Irrigation
    • Pressure Pipe Irrigation

  • Forestry
    • Cultivation Layouts - Manual/RTK/Auto-Steer Implementation
    • Symmetrical Planting Layouts - RTK/Auto-Steer Implementation 
    • Headlands - Optimized for Precision Agriculture

Design and construction documentation are prepared in compliance with the drafting and engineering standards of the regulatory bodies that govern the given locality. 


  • Geomatic Analytics - Including geospatial data processing, and vector and raster analysis
  • Volumetric Analysis - Existing or proposed earthworks such as farm dams, roads, terraces, and others.
  • Hydraulic Analysis -  Existing or proposed gravity and pressure pipe networks, channels, rivers and basins,  earthen farm dams, and more.
  • Geometric Analysis - Existing or proposed crop and cultivation layouts and headlands.
  • Transportational Analytics - Existing or proposed low volume road networks, swept path analysis, parking spaces, landings, bridges and crossings.
  • Structural Analytics - Proposed retaining walls,  stream crossings and other structures.


  • Technical Drafting
    • Site Plans
    • Grading Plans
    • Irrigation Plans