The Regrarians Handbook - 3. Water


In 2017 I was invited by Darren J. Doherty to come on board to assist Darren and Andrew Jeeves with the completion of the remaining 8 out of 10 chapters of the Regrarians Handbook.  I had previously made small contributions to the second chapter - Geography - but it was not until the 3rd chapter (Water) that I had the honor of making major inputs to the content. 

The Water chapter will soon be available for purchase at Regrarians

The ‘Regrarians Handbook’ is a succinct & sequential outline of over 300 integrated methodologies and techniques that have been proven over many years of universal application to work towards regenerating human, plant and animals’ lives along with production landscapes. It does so in a wholly practical, positive & pragmatic fashion, promising to be a relatively ageless tome that generations of users will refer to as they negotiate the design, development & management of systems they operate.
The size, feel & format of this book is that of a handbook such that it is an easy and ready accompaniment to the emerging Regrarians kit. Accordingly the handbook is structured to be easily understood with a limited array of jargon, easy to navigate with colour-coded chapter tabs and headings, highly descriptive (black & white) illustrations with none of the superfluity that practical people will find easy to summon into action.
Following the theme of ‘user-friendliness’, we intend to have references listed within any page or at the end of each chapter NOT at the end of the book.

The Regrarians Handbook’ is also about its users developing a broader capacity to understanding how to apply integrated & holistic decision-making and design into production landscapes that at once encourages self-determination and also recommends due diligence.