This book contains a compilation of notes I have taken on the topic of rural road design and planning. The purpose of the book is to introduce the reader to this vast and complex topic and to provide guidance. Certain topics that pertain to road design are purposefully not covered for the sake of brevity. I will however include them in a future edition. Below you can see the current contents of the book as well as those topics which I plan on including at a later time. Those who purchase the book will receive future updates for free.


The book features ~120 pages of content, excl. Glossary, Bibliography, and other non-essential pages.


  • This is an electronic book that you can print if you want, thus keeping costs low and avoiding shipping hassle.
  • This book is designed in A5 format and is meant to be read in a printed copy. Appropriate margin spaces are left so that it can be spiral-bound.
  • Iconography is used throughout the book to ease cross referencing and readability.
  • Number coding is used for almost all illustrations in order to keep them clean and easy to translate. (click here for example)
  • Illustrations are mostly line-work in order to lower printing costs and avoid confusion.
  • Each chapter begins with a brief introduction, followed by a symbol coded flow-chart that summarizes the topics included in the chapter.
  • Some of the book’s chapter layouts are modeled around the Scale of Permanence and the Regrarians Platform, as developed by P.A. Yeomans and Darren J. Doherty respectively.


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