• Scale: 400+ Hectares
  • Location:  41°30’10.66″N 19°44’38.00″E
  • Client: Fushe Kruje Cement Factory
  • Partners: Balkan Ecology Project
  • Objectives: Erosion Control, Water Reticulation, Surveying, Analysis
  • Tasks: I was contracted to team up with Balkan Ecology Project for the redesign of the Fushe Kruja Cement Factory, the largest cement factory in Albania. The work officially began in July 2017 when we carried on-site surveying and began the production of a preliminary concept plan that will serve as a conversation started with the local community that will be heavily involved in the implementation and management. My tasks included taking part in discussions with the owner and team for establishing clear objectives, surveying with a focus on topography, hydrology and access, and overseeing the mapping and GIS analysis.


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