• REX Online #1

    Partners: Regrarians Ltd. Roles: Teaching and Design / Mapping Support I was honored to participate and teach in the very first REX Online Farm Planning Program that stretched over 10 weeks between July and September 2017 and included more than 200 attendees. Apart from teaching on Keyline, my main role was to handle most or all mapping […]

  • 400 Ha – Fushe Kruje Cement Factory – Albania

    Scale: 400+ Hectares Location:  41°30’10.66″N 19°44’38.00″E Client: Fushe Kruje Cement Factory Partners: Balkan Ecology Project Objectives: Erosion Control, Water Reticulation, Surveying, Analysis Tasks: I was contracted to team up with Balkan Ecology Project for the redesign of the Fushe Kruja Cement Factory, the largest cement factory in Albania. The work officially began in July 2017 when we […]

  • 40 Ha – Yalovo – Bulgaria

    Scale: 40 Hectares Location:  42°58’29.34″N 25°35’47.61″E Client: BG Organica Objectives: Erosion control and safety Tasks: I was tasked with developing a Keyline layout for this walnut and hazelnut orchard in northern Bulgaria. Concerns were raised that on the moderate to steep slopes of the site the initial grid layout that was based on poor maps and analysis […]

  • 23 Ha – Interlace Agroforestry Farm – Vermont, US

    Scale: 23 Hectares Location: 44°15’58.88″N 73°24’22.91″W Client: Interlace Agroforestry Farm / Vermont Edible Landscapes Partners: Regrarians Objectives: Auto-steer compatible Keyline forestry design Tasks: Regrarians developed the preliminary design for the property during their on-site training in Vermont.  I was asked to do a revision on the forestry and cultivation layout so that it is suitable for auto-steering machinery […]

  • 10.5 Ha – Lunasi Land Trust – Pennsylvania, US

    Scale: 10.5 Hectares Location:  41°51’26.23″N 76°53’45.64″W Client: Lunasi Land Trust Partners: Terra-Genesis International Objectives:  Keyline agroforestry layout Tasks: I was contracted by TGI to develop a Keyline agroforestry arrangement for this small homestead. Image courtesy of Lunasi

  • 240 Ha – Bread and Butter Farm – Vermont, US

    Scale: 240 Hectares Location:  44°24’42.01″N 73° 9’42.46″W Client: Bread and Butter Farm Partners: Regrarians Objectives: A georeferenced Keyline pattern cultivation Tasks: My main task was to developed a large scale Keyline pattern for RTK implementation.

  • 30 Ha – Tojeira – Portugal

    Scale: 30 Hectares Location: 38°05’30.7″N 7°57’37.9″W Client: Teresa Silva and Paulo Matos Partners:Balkan Ecology Project Objectives:  Develop a feasible whole farm concept plan in relation to client’s holistic context Tasks: This was a property I worked on together with Balkan Ecology Project for developing a concept plan, my main responsibility being to produce the mapping and analysis, […]

  • 14 Ha – Kromidovo – Bulgaria

    Scale: 14 Hectares Location:  43° 7’4.35″N 23° 4’59.30″E Client: Livadi Tasks: Evaluate the site and advise on erosion control and runoff management.

  • 56 Ha – Finca Luna Nueva – Costa Rica

    Scale: 56 Hectares Location: 10°23’18.38″N 84°35’59.63″W  Client: Finca Luna Nueva Partners: Terra-Genesis International Objectives:  Keyline cacao plantation Tasks: I worked on the site of Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica closely with Terra Genesis International for the development of an extensive agroforestry systems based on a Keyline geometry. Images courtesy of Finca Luna Nueva and Terra Genesis International

  • 130 Ha – Walkers Reserve – Barbados

    Scale: 130 Hectares Location: 13°15’19.62″N 59°33’32.94″W  Client: Walskers Reserve Partners: Terra-Genesis International Objectives:  Keyline Agroforestry, Grading, Presentation Tasks: This job in Barbados involved the restoration of an active sand quarry. I worked closely with Terra Genesis International where my task was to produce maps, design the Keyline forestry layer, grade part of the sand quarry slopes, as well as produce […]

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