• 230 Ha – Gintsi – Bulgaria

    Scale: 230 Hectares Location:  43° 7’4.35″N 23° 4’59.30″E Client: Livadi Objectives: Determine the water storage and grazing potential Tasks: I was there to evaluate the site for water catchment potential and alpine grazing. Had the pleasure of meeting Yan from the UK who is an expert sheep and cattle grazier.

  • 1200 Ha – Holstons Pastoral Co. – Australia

    Scale: 1200 Hectares Location:  37°24’15.91″S 147°54’29.16″E Client: Holstons Pastoral Co Partners: Regrarians Objectives: The objectives for this project included coming up with a whole farm irrigation and forestry plan. Tasks: Regrarians developed the preliminary design for this property, whereas my involvement revolved around mapping, the grading design and analysis of 38 farm dams, and the design […]

  • 260 Ha – Hoku Nui Maui – Hawaii

    Scale: 260 Hectares Location:   20°51’9.83″N 156°18’9.51″W Client: Hoku Nui Maui LLC Partners: Regrarians Objectives: A whole farm plan, including access, water, forestry, housing, subdivision and more. Tasks: Regrarians developed the preliminary design for the property after which I was asked to do a revision on the forestry and cultivation layout according to Keyline due to changes in the […]

  • 80 Ha – Debnevo – Bulgaria

    This is an 80 Hectare property in northern Bulgaria near the village of Debnevo. We are consulting, designing and implementing productive sets of polycultures together with Balkan Ecology Project. This will be the largest polyculture study of its kind in all of Europe. In March 2016 we made a thorough observation and survey of this […]

  • 45 Ha – Ribnik – Bulgaria

    Philip Harmandzhiev is one of the most innovative and successful farmers in Europe. The place he  manages through his operation Livadi is a diverse and regenerative enterprise, – environmentally, socially, and economically.  I was there together with Paul Alfrey from Balkan Ecology Project to advise on water reticulation and prepare a paddock subdivision plan for new pastures.

  • 80 Ha – Bostan Bair – Bulgaria

    This is an 80 Ha site north of the Balkan mountains in Bulgaria. We were part of a team for the initial stage for the conceptualizing of the design and our job included : Mapping Framework design The keyline forestry layouts Visualization  

  • 8.5 Ha – Santa Ana – Ecuador

    Scale: 8.5 Hectares Client: Miguel Torske Tasks: I was commissioned to develop the forestry layout for this 8.5 ha property, high in the mountains of Ecuador. The property sits at 2600 m above sea level within the Santa Ana municipality. The layout is of a silvopastural system that is now being implemented by Miguel Torske and his team. […]

  • 180 Ha – Petrich – Bulgaria

    I worked on this 180 Ha oak woodland to advise on water management, forestry and mob grazing potential, as well as produce maps for Livadi.bg

  • 40 Ha – Santa Sarah – Bulgaria

    Scale: 40 Hectares Location: 42°47’21.09″N 27°34’3.44″E Client: Santa Sarah Winery Objectives: Drainage Tasks: I was contracted to advise on the implementation of a drainage design that will deal with the boggy areas on site, as well as come up with a Keyline layout for the new vineyards.

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